Let’s Break it Down for You. Step by Step.

1. It Starts with Hello
We work with people who we genuinely believe we can support with a future career move. We want to understand your career aspirations and share with you an insightful overview of the current marketplace. We’ll know then, how best we can align your talent with the right company for you.
2. We Map Your Path
We always do this in person. It’s the best way to understand what has enabled you to achieve success in your career to date and where you want to go. It’s also a key opportunity for us to learn how best to articulate your value and career goals with the right company for you.
3. Time to Apply
This is where we discuss opportunities that are relevant for you and learn what represents an ideal challenge for you. We put together a compelling submission to our client and ask for feedback within 72 hours.
4. Preparing for the Interview
We pride ourselves on achieving a high first round interview ratio for each CV we submit to an active role. We support you with detailed overviews of the company & culture, the Human Resource teams, what to expect in the interview and how best to present yourself in the interview itself.
5. The Hiring Process
Each of our clients have unique hiring processes that we familiarise ourselves with and guide you through. We’ll provide support and feedback throughout the process so that you are clear about how your application is progressing and you will be clear on likely next steps.
6. Offer Stage
You are presented with full details of the Offer. We strive to achieve a ‘win win’ where both parties feel comfortable and excited about progressing. Based on our communication with our client, we do our utmost to achieve a strong outcome.
7. Your First Day
We keep in touch during your notice period and provide you with full support preparing for your first day. You will be well equipped with the who, where and what time to meet on the first day and anything else you need or we feel would be helpful for you to know.
8. We Stay in Touch
Feedback is invaluable for us both in terms of how we have performed as well as how your new role is going. We keep in contact to ensure that all is going well and often act as a go between for you and your employer in the initial months. Finding the right fit for you is our goal.

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