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hiring the best

Hiring the Best: Designing an Interview Structure for Success

“90% of business problems are actually recruiting problems in disguise” Jeff Hyman, Recruit Rockstars. Do you find yourself wondering if your recent hire is doing a good job after 6 months? With Ireland at full employment competition for talent is high but there is always a way to give yourself the best chance of success […]

retain best people

Practical Steps To Retain Your Best People in 2019 and Beyond

47% of Irish HR Managers find retention to be their biggest challenge at work, according to SHRM. And a CIPD survey found a further 40% of Irish companies experienced an increase in voluntary turnover over the past year. What You Will Learn in This Article: Employee Retention in Ireland Giving Jobseekers What They Want From […]


Fund and Investment Management in Ireland, who is hiring recent Graduates in 2019?

According to Irish Funds, 986 fund managers from 53 countries have assets administered in Ireland and 17 of the top 20 global asset managers have Irish domiciled funds. As a sector it has evolved into one of Ireland’s largest employer groups and signs for continued growth remain positive. As an English-speaking member of the EU […]

EVP Blog

Developing the Right Employee Value Proposition ‘EVP’ For Your Business

Ireland’s labour market has now achieved ‘Full Employment’ and there are several sectors where there is more competition than ever for talent. What’s covered in this article: The Importance of an EVP and Employer Branding How to Create the Perfect EVP An Example of a Winning EVP – Bank of Ireland Conclusion and Words of […]

Start a career in financial services Ireland


With the growth in Ireland’s Financial Sector, there is an increase in opportunities for employment in Financial services (FS). There are over 400 financial services companies in Ireland; some of which include State Trust, BNY Mellon, Blackrock, Citibank, Bank of America and Northern Trust. About 48000 people are employed in this sector in Ireland; with […]


What Key Skills Will Be Required by Financial Leaders in 2020 and Beyond?

Traditionally a Financial Professional has been required to be competent in their area of specialism (Accounting, Tax, etc) before then diving into the world of managing people and aligning team objectives to achieve company goals. What specific skills will be required in future? DeakinDigital published an interesting study, in which the four main skills areas […]

Compliance Blog Pic

How to Attract Compliance Talent in 2019

Where the “Challenge” lies As a recruitment specialist in Compliance, I count myself lucky to work with so many great people on a daily basis. Yes, I have great colleagues but I’m also fortunate to be in a role where I get to work with people across industries. It’s highly rewarding to work with talented […]


How will I make sure my Financial skills are in demand in 2020 and beyond?

The broader Accountancy & Financial Services arena will be amongst the first to adapt automation and artificial intelligence in the coming years. And the skills required by the future finance workforce will be mostly focused around digital competency, data analytics and knowledge of automation systems. For the workforce to successfully evolve and adapt around these […]


What Irish companies are doing to attract and retain Financial professionals

What Leading Irish Companies Are Doing to Attract and Retain Financial Professionals Ireland has been awarded 21st place in a global ranking of countries for being able to develop, attract and retain quality talent. We are well into 2019 and demand remains high for qualified Accountants and talented Financial Services professionals. Many Irish employers who […]