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How to build your LinkedIn profile while training as an Accountant

If you are a trainee accountant looking to make the next move in your career it is vital to not only have your CV looking sharp but to ensure that your LinkedIn page looks the part too. Often when candidates apply for roles, employers look at the applicants LinkedIn page even before reviewing the CV. […]

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Thriving industries in the Part Qualified Accountancy Space: Pharma versus IT

  Part Qualified Accountant: a focus on opportunities to work in two of the most in demand industries in Ireland- pharmaceutical and information technology If you are a part qualified accountant working in industry and are looking to make a career change it can sometimes be difficult to choose what industry you would like to […]


Pursuing a career in Compliance: What are Employers looking for?

We can say that the purpose of compliance is to satisfy the requirement of regulatory bodies with respect to legislation and regulation passed down. Compliance is required in every business and while the concept can be reasonably and easily understood the myriad of regulations to comply with and the career opportunities that come out of […]

Newly Qualified Accountant? What to do Next.

Newly Qualified Accountant? What to do Next.

  Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on finishing the professional exams. It’s certainly an exciting time for newly qualified Accountants who are in high demand right now. It’s a busy market with unemployment levels at approximately 5.4%, the lowest since 2008. As the economy nears full employment, you will not be short of choice for a new position. […]


Managing Millennials in the Workplace

  Millennials represent an ever-larger share of the active workforce and they’re actively shaping the present and future of the 21st Century workplace. So much has been said about this generation already, a lot of it negative. Sometimes it’s hard to cut through the stereotypes and get to the bottom of what actually separates this […]


How to Implement a Learning Culture at Work

The world of work is constantly changing. In recent times the pace of change has only accelerated thanks to a perfect storm of economic shifts and rapid technological innovation. The current generation of employees, whether they’re established in their careers or just getting started, has come of age against a backdrop of constant change. Employees […]


5 Key Traits of High Performers

Every candidate wants to stand out from the pack but by definition not all manage to do it. What often sets one candidate apart from the rest isn’t just experience of financial/technical ability. Based on 15 years of meeting some of Ireland, the UK and Australia’s leading Senior Financial Clients and Candidates, what often does […]


Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in a Competitive Job Market

With Ireland back to almost full employment, the competition and demand for the best people has never been stronger. Every manager can relate. That new hire you were so excited about drops out after just a few months. Or maybe an established employee that you thought was securely in place unexpectedly leaves. Members of the […]


5 Tips to Nail that Interview

Once you’ve got a potential employer interested in your CV, the interview is your chance to seal the deal. Candidates are now moving to a new role every 2-3 years. That means the process of searching, applying and selling yourself never is an ongoing one – so it pays off hugely to really hone your […]