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Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in a Competitive Job Market

With Ireland back to almost full employment, the competition and demand for the best people has never been stronger. Every manager can relate. That new hire you were so excited about drops out after just a few months. Or maybe an established employee that you thought was securely in place unexpectedly leaves. Members of the […]


5 Tips to Nail that Interview

Once you’ve got a potential employer interested in your CV, the interview is your chance to seal the deal. Candidates are now moving to a new role every 2-3 years. That means the process of searching, applying and selling yourself never is an ongoing one – so it pays off hugely to really hone your […]


Ways to Make Networking Easier

The Question Heard Around the World Right now there are any number of meetings going on all over the globe – in many languages, the question asked is: ‘Does anyone know a good person for this job?’ Or, can you recommend someone? Often, an organisation won’t advertise all its roles. So the outside world never […]


5 Ways to Make the Most of your Job Search

  It’s often said that patience is a virtue. But patience is easier said than done when you are on the look out for a new role. This is compounded by the fact that ongoing economic improvements tend to be felt unevenly – depending on whether you’re junior or senior, your skillset, the area you […]


Market Update – How are Financial Jobs Faring?

  So far, 2018 is showing all signs of being a strong year of growth for jobs in the financial sector. Join us as we take stock of the market across our strands of specialisation: Accounting, Banking and Alternative Lending, Investments and Financial Services, Compliance and Insurance.   Accounting The Accounting sector has seen a […]

CFA - Taking a Closer Look

CFA – Taking a Closer Look

Pat Brown is a Financial Services Recruiter with Engage People. Prior to joining the team, he spent several years working in investment management in New York and Dublin, where he built his expertise in alternative funds and investment operations. We spoke to an experienced CFA on his experience in recent years and what impact the qualification […]

laura shilling

Me & My Career – Laura Shilling Business Development Manager, Savvi Credit Union

  Engage People speaks to Laura Shilling, Business Development Manager at Savvi Credit Union about shifting preconceptions and career highlights. How did you get into your current role and what do you enjoy most about it? After being in Finance for most of my working life I was looking for something different. I was approached […]


Job News – Who’s Hiring in Financial Services?

  Apex Fund Services is hiring for 50 new employees at their newly expanded operation in East Cork. As a Fund Administration specialist, the firm will hire experienced professionals and Grads across their range of accounting and financial services related roles.     US Payment Processing Tech company Cayan is launching a new merchant services […]


Engage People Named 2017’s Best New Agency at the NRF Awards

Friday 1st December was a very special night for us here at Engage People.   We are delighted to say that Engage People was named as The Best New Agency at the National Recruitment Foundation Awards 2017.           It was all glitz and glamour on Friday night, as the NRF played […]