Let’s Break it Down for You. Step by Step.

1. Building Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
This is a key discussion which enables us to understand your business goals and where this role fits in. It is an opportunity for us to learn about your culture and share our insights on the current market. From these discussions we build our Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
2. Access the Talent Pool
We communicate regularly with our talent pool in each of our niche markets. We identify who we believe to be the most relevant which is our starting point. We advertise across several channels and typically seek recommendations from within our network.
3. Telling Your Story
Using authentic story telling we build interest with our target market and share the role profile and EVP. At this time, we encourage a thorough review of the information and request a 24 response time, outlining why the candidate feels suited to the role.
4. Your Shortlist
Within agreed timeframes, we present each CV accompanied by an overview of why we believe each person is suitable for the role. Our summary includes a detailed overview of each applicants’ current details including availability and their career goals.
5. Interview Prep
We ascertain suitable times from your team and arrange each meeting. We add significant value to the process at this stage by preparing each candidate thoroughly. We debrief each candidate following the interview and share detailed feedback with you.
6. The Offer
Through consistent conversation with both parties, we clarify and reclarify salary expectations at each stage of the process. We manage both the verbal offer and contract signature with minimal delays and take two detailed verbal references with relevant contacts.
7. Onboarding
We interact with both parties during the candidate’s notice period. We keep in touch to ensure a suitable onboarding period for both parties. We value feedback at this point regarding our role in the process which enables us to achieve continuous improvement.
8. We Stay in Touch
Feedback is invaluable for us both in terms of how we have performed as well as how your new hire is settling in. We keep in contact to ensure that all is going well and often act as a go between for you and your employee in the initial months. Finding the right fit for you is our goal.

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