Hiring the Best: Designing an Interview Structure for Success

“90% of business problems are actually recruiting problems in disguise” Jeff Hyman, Recruit Rockstars.

Do you find yourself wondering if your recent hire is doing a good job after 6 months? With Ireland at full employment competition for talent is high but there is always a way to give yourself the best chance of success to hire, attract and retain brilliant people.

I have worked in Ireland’s Financial Recruitment market since 2001 and I really enjoy watching and learning from the evolution of how both major international firms and small Irish firms have gone about building a competitive advantage through people.

Interview Tips for Success

  1. Do not look for a doppelganger of the person who has just left. While there might be panic stations that you have lost someone good, it is highly unlikely you will be able to replicate the knowledge, skills and attitude of another one of your team.
  2. Who is involved in working with this person? Invest the time from the outset “If our new hire was to be a 10/10 for you after 6 months, what would they have achieved?”

While ideally it will be the Hiring Manager or the person most impacted by the hire who leads this, don’t lead with suggestions. You want an independent view.

Once you have gathered the information (which is likely to be longer than a traditional job spec!) you can work on putting a concise scorecard together that everyone uses.

If you can get to this stage, you are already ahead of the competition.

  1. What are the top 5 key accountabilities that this person needs to deliver to do a brilliant job? This should be crystal clear on the job spec and throughout your interview process.
  2. What skills are required to achieve high performance? Do they need these skills immediately? What questions can you ask to find this out? Could you consider someone who has demonstrated the ability to learn and develop throughout their career?
  3. How will they fit with your team and business? Tip: identify the traits and behaviours of your high performers. Getting clear on this will really attract top talent.

Continually investing time in this process and analysing the successes (or lack of) that you have had to date is a great place to start.

Our mission at Engage People is to align business in Ireland with the right Financial talent. As a team we are enjoying our own growth journey and have picked up lots of good tips from recent publications such as:

Recruit Rockstars Jeff Hyman

Hiring For Attitude Mark Murphy

Hiring Greatness David E. Perry & Mark J Haluska

Engage People is a specialist recruitment firm where we align business in Ireland with talent in three niche financial areas:

  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Banking & International Financial Services
  • Insurance

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