Making the Move… From Practice to Industry – A Finance Manager’s Tale

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In our ‘Making the Move’ series, Engage People speaks to Financial Professionals about their experiences of a new challenge.

Tracy is a Chartered Accountant with 6 years post qualification experience. Having qualified in 2010, she progressed to Audit Manager level of a Top 10 Practice before taking up an industry role early 2015. We asked her for advice for others who are considering the change.

“As everyone’s motivations are different I can only talk about my own experience but for me I had felt that after 8 years in Audit, I was ready for a new challenge. For others who left after completing their training contract, they were motivated to move away from audit because of often unsociable hours and demanding clients. In my case, I have an older brother who is an Audit Director and I knew what to expect and I really respected the team structure we had and the service we provided. In Practice you have a clear hierarchy and I had progressed to a level where I was overseeing teams of work and liaising with key clients who I had built a relationship with”

Tracy moved to an International Distributors with a Dublin based HQ reporting to the Financial Controller in what was initially a Financial Accountant role.

“The advice I would give is that technically the transition should be ok for most accountants moving from Practice to industry. I had a good induction learning the systems and structures. One of the differences that I noted was that although important, the Statutory Accounts had been viewed as a necessary evil and the organisation was progressing towards a stronger regulatory structure in this regard.”

“As a naturally curious person I spent time chatting to colleagues in all areas of the business about the way they conducted their business and while my initial role was to support systems that ultimately saved time and money, I was proactive in suggesting new ways of doing things which became popular.”

“While my day job now involves producing reports (lots of them!), cash flows, forecasting and budgets I have expanded my role more and ultimately that for me has made the move worthwhile. My key deliverables are not dissimilar but the variety is enjoyable and I was promoted into an expanded role earlier this year which has been satisfying.”


If you are considering making a move, please review or send your CV to [email protected]

Paul McClatchie, Director, Engage People