The Engage Tracker – Accountancy – 12/01/2022


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Colossal Catch

Ireland’s Model of Taxation Makes Government Funding More Resilient.

In general, when an economy expands, tax receipts increase in direct proportion. The European Commission estimated that the Irish economy would grow by almost 15% in 2021. Yet tax revenue in 2021 increased by almost 20%.

Salient Snippets

Italian Data Firm, CRIF, Buys 73% of Hire Purchase Ireland.

The Irish Credit Bureau, on which HPI has been technically and administratively dependent, is making ready to be put into liquidation as lenders rely more and more on the Central Bank’s new Central Credit Register.

The Top Workplace And Recruitment Trends for 2022.

One of the top trends that many workplaces will be looking at is their version of hybrid working.

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