The Engage Tracker – Accountancy – 18/03/2022


We hope you had a wonderful Saint Patrick’s day!

Lots of exciting news and interesting market developments in this week’s Engage Tracker.

Colossal Catch

Insights Into IAS 36 – Allocating Goodwill To Cash-Generating Units.

The articles in the ‘Insights into IAS 36’ series have been written to assist preparers of financial statements and those charged with the governance of reporting entities understand the requirements set out in IAS 36, and revisit some areas where confusion has been seen in practice.

Salient Snippets

60% Of Irish SMEs Not Taking Proper Data Protection Steps.

Six in 10 Irish SMEs take no particular steps to protect customer data despite a majority of consumers being concerned about the security of their personal information.

Pharma Trade Boosts Value Of Irish exports By €2.2bn In January.

The increase was driven by exports of medical and pharmaceutical products, which rose by 21 per cent to €7.2 billion, and which represented 44 per cent of the total value of exports in January.

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