The Engage Tracker – Accountancy – 31/03/2022


Lots of exciting news and interesting market developments in this week’s Engage Tracker.

Colossal Catch

Tax-Collecting Sheriffs Face Uncertainty Over Covid-19 Work Pause.

The country’s sheriffs, who recover unpaid taxes for the State, may be forced out of the business due to the suspension of tax enforcement as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Salient Snippets

State Shareholding In Bank of Ireland Falls Below 5%.

It is expected that the State’s holding in the bank will fall to zero by the middle of this year.

Dublin Still Most Popular City For Brexit Relocations.

A new survey shows that since the Brexit referendum, Dublin remains the most popular destination for staff relocations and new European hubs or offices.

36 financial services firms have announced intentions to relocate UK operations and/or staff to the city.

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