Thriving industries in the Part Qualified Accountancy Space: Pharma versus IT


Part Qualified Accountant: a focus on opportunities to work in two of the most in demand industries in Ireland- pharmaceutical and information technology

If you are a part qualified accountant working in industry and are looking to make a career change it can sometimes be difficult to choose what industry you would like to work in and what opportunities, they can present for you and your career.

In this piece we specifically focus on two thriving industries in Ireland at present and the key trends generally associated with both the pharmaceutical and information technology space.

These two industries have gone from strength to strength in recent years across the country. Positions within these companies are typically highly sought after and competitive as they offer candidates great opportunities for development and progression. Both spaces are also known for their emphasis on employee well-being, promotion of work-life balance and typically have several perks ranging from work and from home opportunities to onsite gyms.


Information Technology

Ireland has become a global tech hub in terms of technology. There are a number of European headquarters located Ireland. Ireland’s young and highly skilled workforce has fueled growth within this space.


Where are they?

While you have the likes of Google, LinkedIn, Facebook in Dublin city centre – companies like Amazon and Apple located in Cork employ thousands of people to the local area.


Focus on Innovation

The advantage of working in the IT industry is that they are always looking to attract top talent and the industry is growing from strength to strength. They are known for encouraging employees to be creatively focused as it is an industry that heavily relies on new ideas and innovation of its employees to stay top of the market. From a finance perspective you will get to work on interesting projects across different functions of the business. The industry is known for typically offering strong packages in terms of remuneration.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Ireland has established itself on the global stage as world leader in terms of the production of pharmaceutical products. As a result, some of the top pharma companies globally have established major operations within Ireland.


Why Ireland?

The pharma space has benefited immensely from our English-speaking population, favourable business environment as well as an established educational infrastructure. Similar to the IT industry these companies have large finance departments and are constantly looking to attract top talent to their organisations.


Where are they based?

What is attractive for candidates within this space is location. The pharma space has established itself across the country not just in Dublin.

Corporations such as Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, AbbVie and Allergan all have established centres outside of Dublin.

The pharmaceutical industry not only provides candidates an opportunity to work in a highly skilled environment but are also known for its job stability as even in times of economic uncertainly, pharmaceutical products will always be in demand. In terms of specifically working within finance in pharma- you will gain exposure to working with colleagues across the world and have the opportunity to become part of a global network.


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