Our Values

Values drive growth personally and in business. We’ve seen it time and again in our interactions with clients and candidates.  It’s the main reason we invested in clarifying our own values as an organisation.

Our Values are Aligned with our Mission

We believe that when we build alignment between our clients, the talented people we advocate for as candidates and our ambitious team, great things happen.
Our values express the voices of the whole team at Engage People.  We wanted them to be part of the felt culture here so it was important that they expressed who we are together.

They are values that prompt action, have an ethical foundation and are commercially focused.



Shape A Better Future

We innovate to make us more effective while investing personal time in the diverse community that we operate within. By embracing the concept of linked prosperity, we believe that as we flourish, our community of clients, candidates, suppliers, neighbours and employees will in turn benefit too. This is what we call “Shaping a Better Future”.

Shape a better future


Make It Happen

We are doers, not dreamers. We know that when you put in the work, you reap the benefits. We invest in our team as individuals and our organic growth as a business. We are ambitious and driven by our vision to achieve success. This in turn leads to excellent outcomes for the clients and candidates that we work with. This is what we call “Making it Happen.”

Make it happen


Find The Right Fit

We strive to understand the needs of both the professionals and the organisations we work with. Through focussing on the alignment of the wishes and values of our candidates and our clients; we facilitate high impact partnerships of mutual benefit.

This is what we call “Finding the Right Fit”.

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