1. We are a Niche Recruiter which means that we will only speak to you about opportunities that we believe are relevant to your career.

2. Many of our clients partner with us exclusively on roles. In this way we can share a deeper insight of the process with you and help more effectively mange your time.

3. By meeting you in person we equip ourselves to represent your interests throughout the process which is useful in ensuring we are speaking to you about the right roles.

4. By coaching you towards tailoring your application, we improve the chances of first round interview.


5. We pride ourselves on high energy interview preparation and coaching. We have worked with a large number of financial professionals and everyone has their own unique approach to interviews. We support you to achieve the best outcome.

6. Our high-level engagement with our clients leads to a more engaged process with quality feedback for candidates.

7. We provide thorough feedback at each stage of the process helping you evaluate and prepare for current and future processes.

8. By maintaining an ongoing relationship means we can address any issues in the initial months of your new role.

9. Our interests are completely aligned as success in your career means success for us as well as our clients.