A Higher Level With Brian Cullinan – A Self Reflection

Brian Cullinan

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Having recently been promoted to senior recruiter with Engage People, it seemed like a good point to self-assess my time in recruitment to date.

My journey to date has been a rollercoaster. While it’s a tired cliché, it’s true to say no two days ever the same.

That said, the training and support from the senior leadership team have been critical to continuing my personal and professional growth in the role, with a particular focus on regular sessions with an open discussion on challenges.

I learnt early on that everyone has their own style, and while I’ve learnt lots from my colleagues here at EP, my approach has always been to be straight up with both clients and candidates.

I focus on building a valued long-term relationship of trust and confidence, rather than focusing purely on the short-term wins.

For recruiters just starting out, I would say embrace and learn from your mistakes. It’s a role that has little room for hiding, so the route to success is more likely to be found in challenging yourself to call out your own areas for improvement, rather than dodging the bullet.