Are you Happy in your Job?

Sinead Canning

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Unfortunately, many of us have felt either stuck in a job or an urge to quickly find another job.

It’s important that you feel fulfilled and happy in your job, after all, we spend a significant amount of our lives working. Work offers a sense of meaning for most people, so it is inevitable that our work is a big contributor to our overall happiness.

There is nothing worse than feeling the Sunday blues in anticipation of the week ahead. If this is the case for you – maybe you would be much happier in another job. With the Christmas break fast approaching it can be a good time to reflect on your current job and determine if you’re on track to achieving your long-term goals.

Every day I speak to candidates who are looking to make a move for various reasons. These include remuneration, benefits, career progression and company culture. A lot of the time people begin to feel complacent and unchallenged or sometimes the highs & lows of the job begin to feel like too much to manage. Be mindful of your emotions while in work and making decisions in the heat of the moment.

While all these things can be lacking in your current job, have you asked yourself if you could be doing more about it? We need to ask ourselves the tough questions – “Am I adding value to the company? Am I developing professionally? Could I be doing more?” After all, we’ve all heard the saying “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”.


Alignment of company values and your own personal values – from a personal perspective, define what values are most important to you. Your personal values not only determine how you make decisions, but they can influence your behaviour, relationships and career. It’s important to familiarise yourself with your company’s values. Aligning your personal and company values can lead to fulfilment and happiness. Bear in mind that your values can change over time e.g. becoming a parent. It’s no harm checking in from time to time to assess your values.


Development and training – are you part of a company that allows you to continuously develop and improve? Growing professionally is undeniably important and being part of a company that offers continuous development opportunities can play a big part in a person’s success. Taking part in courses or training days can help you grow your network also!


Work-life balance – this can mean different things to different people. It tends to be the most common reason people seek to change jobs and has arguably become one of the biggest drivers for change that we have seen, as they want a more flexible schedule. Placing a priority on seeking a healthy work-life balance can lead to a happier and healthier mindset. Don’t underestimate the effect a long commute whether by car or public transport can have on your overall contentment. Technology has transformed our work life and how we go about things, but it has also made us more accessible. Does your company support employee wellbeing?

Each employee adds something unique to a company. Determine what it is that you are most passionate about and let that drive your motivation for change. Understanding job satisfaction can take time and is completely different for everyone, but it can lead to optimal performance and productivity. Take the time to strategically think about what your next position might look like and what’s ultimately important in a role for you as this will lead to a much more positive job search experience.