Eva Finn

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Catherine Vaughan - Partner of Global Financial Crime at EY (and D&I Champion)

Catherine kicked off the event with a powerful keynote speech that delivered plenty of insight but what stood out as key to us was:


  • Fostering an inclusive environment means creating a workplace where every individual feels empowered to be their authentic self, without fear of judgement or rejection. 
  • Leaders must proactively encourage team members to voice their thoughts and ideas, and actively involve them in setting team norms and values.
  • Respect and appreciate every team member's contribution, and work collaboratively towards a shared vision. When a team decides not to move forward with a particular contribution, it is essential to acknowledge the reasons why.

“Come for the salary, stay for the opportunity to have the most amazing career that you deserve…”


Nick Lawlor CFP - CEO Employee Financial Wellness

Nick spoke about employee satisfaction, with a focus on the importance of understanding and supporting your employee's ‘why’. Our key takeaways:

  • To create a truly supportive workplace, leaders must first understand why their employees come to work each day and what drives them to succeed. It is essential to recognise the different stages of your employees' careers, whether they are just starting out and saving for a home, mid-career and focused on retirement savings, or nearing the end of their career and prioritizing pension maximization and investment management. 
  • Beyond salary, it is crucial to acknowledge the non-monetary factors that contribute to an employee's overall satisfaction, such as opportunities for career advancement, continuous learning and development, overall wellness, and recognition for their contributions.

“Money is just one aspect that connects the employee to the life they want to have…”


Stephanie Roche - Irish International Footballer

Stephanie discussed talent retention strategies and the importance of equality and representation in the workplace. Our key takeaways:

  • Stephanie's candid account of her experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry shed light on the harsh reality of fighting for basic gender equality, such as equal pay for female athletes.
  • Her experience playing in France illustrated the importance of social cohesion in the workplace, and how fostering a strong sense of team camaraderie is essential for building trust among colleagues.
  • Leaders must prioritise creating a culture that values and supports its employees. By recognizing and nurturing the unique talents of each team member, organisations can foster a workplace environment that inspires loyalty and commitment, leading to higher retention rates and ultimately, greater success.

“Put yourself in the employee's shoes - when they are happy away from work, they bring their happiest selves to work…”