Books We Like – Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi

Michael Gorman

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Books We Like

Never Eat Alone – Keith Ferrazzi

“Whom you meet, how you met them, and what they think of you afterwards should not be left to chance. As Winston Churchill would tell us, preparation is – if not the key to genius – then at least the key to sounding like a genius.”

A good reason to read

This best seller is penned by Keith Ferrazzi, a thought leader on networking and relationships, motivational speaker and successful CEO. He takes personal, practical experience as well as examples from industry and his vast network of influential professionals and chunks it down into practical and engaging read. Keith demonstrates how to fundamentality move the dial on your career by taking a deliberate approach to building relationships.

Useful tactics to implement

“Share your passions”

Keith proposes to use your passions to form deeper connections with people, he breaks this down into the opportunities to do this such as inviting people for a workout or a hobby (golf etc) early breakfast or lunch time coffee, invite someone to an event or entertain at home. Keith explains the benefits of converging public and private lives allowing you to share more of your passion and build stronger lasting relationships with those in your network.

“Don’t be the networking Jerk”

Keith acknowledges not everyone approaches networking the same way and warns against the following:

  1. Don’t shmooze
  2. Don’t rely on the currency of gossip
  3. Don’t come to the party empty-handed
  4. Don’t treat those under you poorly
  5. Be transparent
  6. Don’t be too efficient

Such characters as Keith describes it. “He is the man or she is the woman with a martini in one hand, business cards in the other, and a pre-rehearsed elevator pitch always at the ready.”

Critical Acclaim

“Don’t walk…. RUN to your closest bookstore. The most extraordinary and valuable book I’ve come across in a long, long time.” Tom Peters

New York Times Best Seller – more than 1 million sold

Who should read this book?

Having a network is valuable to everyone. The book is replete with proven ideas and examples. Each one won’t be for everyone, you may not wish to host dinner parties for instance, but there’s something in here for everyone. Above all else, you’ll be left without a doubt that deliberately and strategically building your network will benefit both you AND those in that network.