Books We Like -Recruit Rockstars, Jeff Hyman

Paul McClatchie

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Books We Like

– Recruit Rockstars, Jeff Hyman

Ninety percent of business problems are actually recruiting problems in disguise. If you’re filling your company’s vacant positions with B-players, you’re playing with fire. Instead, hire Rockstars to build an organization with limitless potential. Recruit Rockstars shows you how to find, hire, and keep the best of the best.

A good reason to read

Jeff Hyman is one of the top voices in the Staffing and Recruitment arena in the USA. Over the course of his career, he has recruited 3,000+ people. Recruit Rockstars spells out his 10-step playbook to deliver a hiring success rate from 50% (industry average) to 80-90%+

Useful tactics to implement

As part of Jeff’s 10 step playbook, he provides specific detail on how to run a recruitment process that is highly likely to yield success. Part of this process includes what he calls ‘The Predictive Interview™’ which is a simple process while analyses an individual’s career to now.

‘Back Door’ References.

Jeff is a big fan of what he calls ‘back door’ references, particularly for more senior people. This involves speaking to former colleagues discreetly to obtain a candid and authentic reference. Hyman believes this alone can have a huge impact.

Critical Acclaim

“I read this book in one weekend, and I loved it. Everybody claims they want to hire A-Players, but Jeff and his book help you understand why B-Players are more damaging to your company than you expect. You can’t build a world-changing company without world-class talent. Ignore Jeff’s wisdom at your own peril.” Dick Costolo, Former CEO of Twitter, and CEO of Chorus

“Jeff has been a trusted colleague and valuable sounding board as we’ve learned our recruiting craft. Like anyone who does it well, he’s made mistakes, studied best practices, and, thankfully, now shares his wisdom.” Amy Vernetti, Director of Leadership Recruiting at Google

Who should read this book?

While the title suggests it should be most focussed on the Human Resources and Staffing profession, this book will be of interest to anyone who wants to hire high performers for their team. It is a simple to follow overview about how to significantly increase your chances of a strong hire and certainly one to recommend.