How to Become a High Achiever and Progress in the Insurance Industry

Stephen Bent

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Having worked in the Insurance sector for nearly 4 years, a common theme I have encountered for High Performing candidates is broken down into 3 key areas.

Speaking to High Achievers in the Insurance Industry daily, it came to my attention that they all have something in common, they are constantly upskilling, progressing in their career and building out their networks outside of work!

We all drift or meander at some stage of our professional career and at times, need a bit of a push or motivation to help us reach the next level. I have outlined some patterns below which may be beneficial for you to align your goals and becoming part of the High Achiever club!

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Up Skilling – Qualifications

Within the first 2 years, they have achieved their CIP qualification. Most companies will support your insurance exams, and this should be a priority as you learn the ins and outs of the industry. On a daily basis, candidates will develop practically in the workplace, but you should also be aligning it alongside the theory and academic aspect to coincide with your overall development.

Having successfully sat the PDI – 01 myself and getting a more valuable understanding of the exam’s structure, I would recommend taking one module per sitting as it can be time-consuming outside of work. The insurance institute holds exams every January, May and September giving candidates the options of when best suits them. Successfully completing these exams and qualifications places candidates in a superior position when negotiating salary and various other compensations.

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Progression – Moving forward 

Consistently learning and moving forward is pivotal towards progressing personally and in your career. Once you achieve your APA or CIP you should be challenging yourself to where this can lead too. From previous experience, dealing with candidates in the sector who have been in the industry for 2-3 years and have not completed exams, they stagnate in work and even move out of the insurance industry altogether

Most employers will support your exams and some even offer an incentive bonus on passing each module which can be beneficial on a financial basis and possibly securing a new role. Most candidate’s reason for moving on is that there is no opportunity to progress within the company. If there are no internal roles that you are being considered for, it may be time to move on!

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Network – Outside of Work (Hobbies & Sports Clubs)

Working alongside some high performers in my own sector of recruitment, being involved in a sports club or within general hobbies provide a great network of contacts and align well with personal development and career progression. A vast majority of CEOs, Managing Directors and hiring managers are involved in clubs nationwide, directly or indirectly through their children or sponsorships, etc. This is the ideal opportunity to build out your own contacts and network which can help provide a smoother upwards trajectory on your career prospects.