Ideas to Consider when you Love your Job but the Commute is becoming too much

Paul McClatchie

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One of the hallmarks of a high growth economy is that the roads are busy. The Dart is packed, buses frequently zip past full and the rush hour Luas involves making enemies by joining an already packed carriage. While it is badly needed there is not a functional integrated public transport network in Dublin.

We speak to Finance professionals daily who are in jobs that tick all the boxes: plenty of challenge, a great boss, fantastic teamwork, a great culture and most importantly a career that is going places. however, the perils of sitting in traffic for 2 hours a day has a negative impact on their life.

I take an active interest in listening to solution focussed ideas which often comes from the employee. Ultimately your employer or boss are likely to be keen that you get the job done at the consistent quality that you deliver now.

Some thoughts that may have merit:

  • Identify what the lower value tasks are and commit to developing a more junior member of staff. Your focus will be on higher-value quality tasks that may take less time.
  • Commit to working one week on longer hours (i.e. 8am to 6pm) and the next on flexible (10am to 4pm) – it might enable you to manage things a little better.
  • Take an interest in automation – Autoentry is a company that offers an automation product that has been a game-changer for Accounting Practices. Taking an interest will benefit your career to be at the forefront of understanding new developments
  • Agree flexible hours but commit to being there at month-end, Quarter-end, budget season etc – ultimately your team are eager to know that she won’t be left doing your work when the going gets stuff.
  • While it may not be a fit for everyone’s home life, leave at 4pm and log on for an hour or two at home.
  • Consider an electric bike! I have spoken to several folks who have new lease of life and no longer sit in traffic anymore. E-bikes are reasonably priced and very efficient and add a little exercise to your daily schedule. They probably work best for commutes of up to 20km but a definite recommendation.
  • Finally, a personal preference is that commute time is learning time – I am an avid listener to Audiobooks and through Audible (Stg £7.99 monthly) you get a new book each month. There are some amazing books to choose from. It may improve your mindset. Not compatible with the bike though 😊

While we are in the business of support high performers to move jobs, if you are happy in your role and your career has momentum, it may pay to stay put.

All other ideas welcome – feel free to share in comments.

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