Levelling Up With Róisín Murray – A Self Reflection

Roisin Murray

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Since joining Engage People, I have progressed to the next level of my career.

One of the reasons I joined Engage People was for the high growth mindset that everyone has in the business and the training and development programmes that are in place.

I was in recruitment a year and a half when I joined Engage People and felt like I had reached a standstill. I was able to recruit yes but felt I was not improving.

From the first few months of joining Engage People, I was on an intense training programme and instantly improved week on week. Everyone in the company was extremely giving with their time to show you different processes or lend some advice. There is a real team spirit and sense of community in Engage People.

Working alongside high achieving recruiters each day inspired me to work extra hard to reach the Senior Recruiter level, but I also think the autonomy I was given to work whichever way suits me best allowed me to find my flow and achieve great things.

The best advice I would give a recruiter is to find a company where the employees are invested in, where you get to work alongside recruiters who are valued and constantly developing.

Trust me, you will feel like part of a great team.