Trends and Challenges in Today's Hiring Market: Insights from the Recruitment Agency Expo

Caroline Graham

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Engage People had the pleasure of attending the Recruitment Agency Expo in London last month, represented by Recruitment Manager, Keith Grant. 

There was an exciting atmosphere at the show and so much to learn about hiring trends and the current market. We would like to share some of our key learnings from the event and how you can apply them to your role.  

Here at Engage People, we value continuous learning and progression, and attending relevant and informative events like the Recruitment Agency Expo helps our team stay up to date on the latest trends and best practices in their specialist areas. This gives us fresh perspectives to bring back to our wider team, helping us share valuable insights and deliver top quality service to our clients, candidates, and partners. The expo was packed with lots of amazing seminars tailored to the recruitment industry and hiring market. There was a wealth of powerful wisdom shared by industry professionals who spoke at the event such as Baroness Karren Brady and recruitment powerhouses Greg Savage and James Osborne. 

Upon reflection of the expo, it's clear that the hiring market is continuously changing. Here are some of our key learnings that could help enhance your talent acquisition strategies: 

Candidate Experience 

There was significant focus on the candidate experience throughout the expo. Providing a seamless and positive experience for applicants is crucial in an increasingly candidate-driven market. This involves elements such as streamlining the application process to maintaining clear communication and transparency throughout the hiring journey.  

Staying Informed 

A key theme was the importance of staying up to date on industry trends and best practices within your niche. Staying informed on the latest developments helps you adapt to changes in the market.  


Successful hiring professionals are using Technology and Artificial Intelligence to eliminate certain manual processes and admin tasks. This not only streamlines the process but also frees up more time to spend on meaningful interactions with candidates.  

Finding balance 

While technology plays an important role in the hiring process, professionals should find a balance between integrating technology and maintaining personalised human communication throughout the recruitment journey. No matter how advanced technology gets, nothing will ever replace the human element of hiring, so it is important to strike the right balance between genuine human connection and technology.  


Despite economic uncertainty, particularly in the UK, the recruitment industry is going from strength to strength. There are more opportunities than ever to improve your talent acquisition strategies to the current market. It's all about staying agile, looking ahead, and balancing innovation with genuine human connection.  

Have you thought about how you could improve your hiring processes recently?  

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We would love to hear your take on these insights and discuss how you can apply them to your role. 

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