Video Interviewing Through Engage People

Grace Rainsoford

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Video Interviewing Through Engage People  

We are excited to introduce the newest innovation in video interviewing technology here at Engage People. This recruitment solution will enable our clients to move through the hiring process quicker and will result in them spending more time with individuals who are a better fit for their current requirements. Some of our clients are utilising this process as their first-round interview, while others are using it to provide additional guidance on candidate selection.  

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, video interviewing has become an essential asset to keep the hiring process from stalling.  


The Format  

  • On receipt of a Job order, we begin by sourcing suitable profiles to share.  
  • Having identified the best and most suitable talent we share CVs in our Engage People format which includes an outline of the candidate’s suitability and a summary of their current circumstances in terms of location, salary and notice period.  
  • In consultation with our client, we agree on a video interview shortlist to progress with.  
  • We then proceed with completing interviews for the selected candidates.  
  • Our questions can follow our own process which is based on a series of questions assessing the candidate’s performance in their most recent roles or alternatively we can complete questions shared by our client.  
  • The interviews are recorded and fully GDPR compliant. These interviews are then made available to the client for review and selection for the next round. 
  • We can brand the interview with our client’s logo when requested.  


The Benefits to the Company 

  • Significant improvement in the ratio of interview to hire  
  • Much faster – this streamlined process reduces time to hire by 50%.  
  • It saves time on internal diary coordination -our virtual interview rooms are available to be used at any time and from anywhere with internet connection.  
  • No more ‘no show’ candidates.  
  • We won’t lose a candidate due to the time taken to set up the first meeting.  
  • Our platform is easy to use and there is no sign-up/sign-in required -you simply click a link to enter our virtual interview room. 
  • It is secure –GDPR consent is promoted for both parties and you have the option to record and save all or parts of interviews for future reference. Our consultants can be present in these meetings or you can conduct private meetings with the candidates and virtually ‘lock the room’ from anyone else.  

Please click here to review a sample of our typical interview format. The questions asked are typical of our standard interview process. This can be tailored to an organisation’s preference.