Alex Pidgeon's Testimonial - Former Principal Insurance Recruiter

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Background before joining Engage People:

My background before EP was in Customer Service & Sales across a couple of industries. My role before EP was as a Personal Lines Broker in the AA.

First 6 months:

A very exciting time, I came in and worked on the insurance desk. There was a clear onboarding and training plan to get me up and running, my days involved learning the recruitment basics which was nailing the screening process, and managing the candidate experience while understanding the insurance sector. I got up and running with placements after a couple of weeks and this gave me a real taste of what Recruitment was like. 

Likes about the job:

The money. It’s quite rare that you can come into an industry and make over 50K in your first or second year. It is a role that you are rewarded for the work that you put in that month, It is a great feeling when a recruitment process comes together as everyone benefits. I also value working with amazing businesses and building strong relationships with candidates and clients and watching them grow.

Team and culture:

I have been very fortunate to work with a great team over the past couple of years. Culture is a massive thing here and it is important that potential hires will add to that, something we take onboard while hiring. We are a team of high performance and that is encouraged but also a very supportive team when things are not going well. We just all want to continue to get better for our candidates and clients.

Career development:

Engage People has been very supportive of me and my career goals. I’ve progressed from Consultant to Senior Consultant and now Principal Consultant. Conversations around career progression happen quite regularly and Paul & Michael have invested heavily with time and resources for me. I really feel that there is an opportunity for everyone in the business to achieve their goals as the path is there.

Reason for departing:

I am moving abroad to Dubai.