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Exploring Modern Leadership: Insights and Best Practices from Aimee Connolly, Brendan McGurgan and James McSporran


Soft Skills Are No Longer Optional. Instead, They Are Essential


Trends and Challenges in Today's Hiring Market: Insights from the Recruitment Agency Expo

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CV Templates

Welcome to Engage People's CV Template Document. Here you will find prime examples of what your CV should look like to help you get one step closer to landing your dream job. Whether you're a recent graduate or an established industry professional, this should aid you in crafting the perfect CV. 

Engage People's Leadership Handbook

Welcome to The Leadership Handbook for Accountants and Finance professionals. We have conducted exclusive interviews with 4 of Ireland's top Finance Leaders and took them back to an earlier stage in their journey; what did they pick up along the way, how did they establish their leadership style, and how did they seek out mentors to learn from? Step into the shoes of these CFOs as they reflect on their paths to leadership.

Onboarding Guide
Welcome to Engage People's Onboarding Guide! Here you will find strategies to enable a seamless onboarding process for you and your top talent. 
Salary Negotiation Guide

Welcome to Engage People's Salary Negotiation Guide. The purpose of this guide is to equip you with the proven strategies and techniques to confidently navigate the salary negotiation process and secure the compensation you deserve. Inside this you will find sage advice from our industry expert recruiters on how to approach, deal with and get the result you want in the salary negotiation process.

Weekly & Monthly Engage Tracker

Our weekly and monthly tracker keeping you up to date with industry trends, news and skills.

  • The Weekly Engage Tracker will inform you as to what has caught our eye in your sector as we scour the internet, social media and our own network to find the news we think will give you a weekly dose of inspiration.
  • The Monthly version will provide you with the most relevant information for your industry/sector, (be it accountancy, banking, financial services or insurance), such as salary insights, skill demands and industry trends.
Elevate with Engage

A series of career stories from leading professionals across accountancy, insurance, legal, banking, and financial services.

  • These leadership stories, packed full of insights and advice, will profile what it’s like to work for (and with) some of the most forward-thinking companies in Ireland.
Talent Signposts

Engage People's exclusive Irish hiring guides across each of our specialisms. Get on track to attract, hire, and retain the best talent.

Our in-depth reports covers areas such as:

  • Key considerations when hiring
  • The changing landscape of the workforce
  • What candidates want
  • The softer skills of recruitment
  • A focus on diversity, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability
Remote Onboarding eBook

The digital landscapes are continuing to evolve. Have you aligned your growth and recruitment plans?

Induction gives your new employee an objective view of your company, organisational culture, and work ethic, which will allow the employee to better integrate into the workplace. This can be difficult for remote workers. An employee's first impression of an organisation has a significant impact on their integration within the team and their level of job satisfaction. Onboarding is an opportunity for a business to welcome their new recruit, help them settle in and ensure they have the knowledge and support they need to perform their role.

Salary Guide Brochure

Whether you are growing a team or building your career, understanding pay grades across your sector should be one of the most pertinent pieces of information in your search.

In our 2023 Salary & Market Trend Guide, we’ve compiled up-to-date information for key roles in Finance, Banking, Legal and Insurance, whilst also exploring some of the dominant trends in your marketplace; such as pay transparency and the gender gap.

Video Interviewing Guide

Interviews shouldn't be nerve wrecking. Our guide includes all the best advice from Engage People's recruitment experts.

Learn about:

  • Preparing for remote interviews.
  • Practical set-up tips and tricks.
  • General interview etiquette.

This guide is a must-read for all job hunters in the current market.

Employer Value Proposition

It's easy to identify what candidates can offer you. But what do you give in return?

Our EVP builder will help you pinpoint your brand's unique selling points and boost your ability to attract top talent.

CPD Courses

Engage People has a proud association with several of Ireland's professional bodies.

Upgrade your career through these CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses.

Elevate With Engage

Series 2 | Episode 4

Kate Burke, Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin

Series 2 | Episode 3

Marie Laffey, National University of Ireland Galway

Series 2 | Episode 2

Sinéad D’Arcy, Irish Distillers